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Executive Committee Meeting

March 20, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

March 20, 2020 at 3:00 PM
  41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert, CA  92260
Members of the public may be able to participate by telephone, using the following dial information: 

Conference call information

  Call-in: 1(720) 902-7700
Meeting ID: 149 779 6130


In order to meet Brown Act requirements, items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

Public Comments: All persons wishing to speak are requested to fill out a comment card so they may be recognized at the appropriate time. General comments regarding non- agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your remarks to 3 minutes.

IV. New Business – Action Required
    A. Discussion on the funding availability to address the Coronavirus.  The Finance Committee directed staff to provide information on how much funding is available and how to best allocate these funds to address community needs.

a. Financial Resources:
First Foundation – Operating Account* –              Approx.           $200,000
Mechanics   Bank*                                                                          $ 50,000
County of Riverside Treasury Account*                                        $352,380  (as of March 18)
Provident Bank  – James Irvine Found. funds                                $398,611 (as of Mar. 18)
Wells Fargo Investment Account                          Approx.           $364,000  (as of March 13)
Community Foundation Investment Account       Approx.           $300,000

* Operation costs include primarily payroll, building costs, and grants.  The anticipated amount needed for the period up until July 1 is approx.  $413,000.  Money on hand including First Foundation, Mechanics Bank and County of Riverside is approximately $600,000.  The difference amount is $13,000 in the negative.

b. Funding available:
    1. $60,000 if all grants that were recommended by the Grants Committee are approved, and allanticipated Performance Grants (2nd and 3rd year grants) are approved.
     2. Reserves of approx. $900,000

C. Options to consider for allocating $200,000 to address Coronavirus impacts. Utilizing available funds that could include funds that have been recommended for approval, and Reserves.

  1. Use $60,000 of “potentially” unallocated funds (First Foundation Operating account) if all recommended grants ($170,000) are approved would require utilizing $140,000 of Reserves held in County Treasurer Account to achieve the $200,000 goal.
  2. Utilize First Foundation Operating funds – $60,000 from above plus $120,000 (from 5 of the 8 recommended by the Grants Committee for funded totaling $70,000 but would be postponed until July). In addition, utilize $20,000 from Reserves held in County Treasurer Account to achieve the $200,000 goal.

The Board will need to decide if it chooses to replenish the $20,000 by reducing next year’s grant allocation. The alternative is to not          replenish the $20,000, thereby reducing the reserve amount, to avoid reducing next year’s grant allocation.

  1. Utilizing First Foundation Operating account – $60,000 plus $170,000 and postpone all grants recommended for funding to be considered until July 1. We would exceed the goal of $200,000 since this amount would $230,000. The eight organizations could face hardships, especially the three that have expressed a need to have the funds to respond to current situation (Joslyn Senior Center, Lift To Rise, and California Partnership)
    d. Potential uses for RAP contribution amount of $200,000.  RAP’s CEO had been in communication w/ community partners for the last 2 weeks.  She has created a list of how and at what level of funding  RAP could collectively work with other funders to respond to the health care needs and greater community issues impacted by the Coronavirus.
    1. $100,000 Financial assistance to nonprofits that are dealing with the greatest at risk populations, for example seniors and homeless. We could combine our funding with the Desert Healthcare District to reduce duplicating funding to reach more entities.
    2. $50,000 to assist healthcare providers providing direct services to people who are ill and potentially be positive for the coronavirus.  This would include Federally Qualified Clinics and VIM.
    3. $50,000 to contribute to a community pool along with the Desert Healthcare District, United Way of the Desert and the Community Foundation serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties that would provide assistance in connecting with financial resources.This effort is being coordinated by Lift To Rise along with the County of Riverside including:  Supervisor Perez’s office, The Housing Authority of Riverside County, the Department of Public Social Services, Desert Community Energy, and Workforce Development Centers.


Staff Recommendation:  For the Executive Committee to authorize $200,000 for the three uses listed above.  The funding option that is least impactful to nonprofits dealing directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus and that can be responsibly managed by RAP is to utilize $60,000 from this year’s budget and utilize $140,000 from our Reserves, avoiding use of our Investment Accounts (c.#2 from above).  This can be done by using the County Treasurer Account which would be replenished in July.   We also plan to utilize funds currently held in Provident Bank  (RAP’s administrative fee of $40,000 will be transferred to First Foundation account) which will ensure that we do not have to use funds in our investment accounts.

B. CDBG  project – Selection of Contractor and authorization to enter into an agreement for the parking lot and sidewalk improvements needed to comply with ADA requirements.  The Facilities committee reviewed two bids, one submitted by Onyx Paving Co. Inc. ($169, 000) and the other by Cora Construction ($224,500).  After reviewing  both bids along with Holt Architect, the Committee selected Onyx Paving. Since then, RAP staff and Holt Architects have been in communication with Onyx to confirm bid and address details.  If approved by the Executive Committee, the work could start March 24 and be completed by April 3rd.    Tenants have been notified of this possibility and staff is confident that there will be minimal disruption during this time.

Facilities Committee Recommendation:   To approve the contract with Onyx Paving Co. Inc.

Motion:         Second:            Approved:                     Opposed:     Abstention Name(s): 

VI. SCHEDULE April 13, 2020 at 8 MEETING
Future agenda topics:  Fiscal Agency services.    Ideas from board members.

VII.     ADJOURNMENTAgenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website – www.RAPFoundation.org – a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the Agenda are available for inspection at the meeting listed in this Agenda, and at the following location three (3) days prior to the meeting date: Regional Access Project Foundation, 41550 Eclectic St., Palm Desert, CA  92260.  If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection, at the same time it is distributed, at the address listed above. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


March 20, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm