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RAP Board Meeting

January 23 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

January 23, 2019 9:00 AM
41550 Eclectic Street Palm Desert, CA 92260

II. CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA -In order to meet Brown Act requirements, items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

III. PUBLIC COMMENT / PRESENTATIONS – Persons wishing to speak are requested to fill out a comment card so they may be recognized at the appropriate time. General comments regarding non- agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your Public Comment remarks to three (3) minutes.


A. MEETINGS MINUTES of December 12, 2018 Board meeting (attach. #1)

B. GRANT/ PROGRAM OFFICER REPORT (attach. #2) – Receive and File.

C. CEO’s REPORT (attach. #3) – Receive and File.

D. FINANCIALS-Receive and File Draft Financials up to December 30, 2018 (attach. #4). The Finance/Investment Committee met on Jan. 14. They requested that our Wells Fargo Investment Representative present a plan on how we should handle operational funds to generate investment revenue.

Also, they reviewed the 2nd Quarter Budget and directed staff to provide more realistic year-end projections.

Staff Recommendation: Approve December 12, 2018 Minutes. Receive & file: Grant, CNA, CEO Reports and Financials as submitted.

Motion:               Second:            Approved:            Opposed:             Abstention Name(s):

A. Resolution of 2019-01 Renewal of Existing Policies and Procedures – (attach. #5)

Staff Recommendation: to Approve the renewal of Policies and Procedures on listed resolutions. The Board members are requested to complete the Annual Conflict of Interest forms and submit the Form 700 by the next meeting, Feb. 27.

Motion:              Second:             Approved:           Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

B. Update of the 2019 Employee Handbook
The annual revisions to be in compliance with new laws have been made by RAP’s Human Resources’ consultant. The Governance Committee met on Jan. 14 to review changes and made no modifications. (attach. #6A #6B)

Governance Committee Recommendation: To approve the 2019 Employee Handbook.

Motion:            Second:           Approved:           Opposed:           Abstention Name(s):

C. Approve the increased rates for Center for Nonprofit Advancement (CNA) membership. PowerPoint Presentation
The CNA membership model was created in 2017. This will be the first increase since creation. Currently
there are 96 members, and of those 56 are pending and 15 are paid renewals. CNA membership
dues generate revenue to support the program.

CNA Committee Recommendation: To approve the increase as proposed.

D. Ratification of Executive Committee Actions – Items #1 Meeting was held on January 14 and
attended by: M. Moran, C. Borba, J. Pye, M. Gialdini, J. Hayes, and B. Kroonen.

1. Request from Lift to Rise to disallow the Fiscal Fee (5%) for non-operational funds that would be
held in a separate bank account.

Executive Committee Action: To approve the request but to check to see if there is an option and interest to
have the funds in an interest-bearing account.

Motion:              Second:           Approved:           Opposed:         Abstention Name(s):

E. To approve the renaming of the Energy Efficiency Campaign and approve the Scope (Objective,
Process, Membership and Structure) of this newly created committee. (attach. #7)

Capital Campaign Committee Recommendation: To approve the scope as submitted.

Motion:             Second:           Approved:           Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

F. Review the Center for Nonprofit Advancement (CNA) plan to expand services throughout
Riverside County – The Board requested that Staff provide a plan to expand CNA services by Dec. 2018.
CNA Director will provide a plan for the Board to consider adopting (10 minutes) – Action Required

Motion:            Second:         Approve:         Oppose:        Abstention Name(s):

VI. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS– Committees and Community EventsNo Action
Review Committee Assignments for 2019. Board members are asked to notify staff if they have an interest in
making a change (add or drop) a committee due to interest or availability.

Executive: Mark, Craig,, Jan, Mike, Joe, Bill
Nominations: Ricardo, Mark, Claudia, Bill
Finance/Investment: Jan, Mark, Bill, Craig, Mie
Audit: Van, Mark, Anayeli
Grants: Craig, Rosemary, Van, Ann, Anayeli, Mike, Aurora: Non-voting member Tricia Gehrlein
Facilities: Mike, Craig, Mark, Rudy, Claudia, Aurora
Capital Campaign: Mike, Mark, Aurora, Pat
CNA: Jan, Amber, Van
Mental Health Initiative: Tori, Valerie, Greg Rodriguez (representing Sup. Perez),
Non- Rap Members: Jim Grisham, Robin McCall, Garth Dale, Cristine Castro, Sylvia King, Donna
Craig/Lisa Houston.

A. EXECUTIVE–Met on Jan. 14 Approved Oct. 30 Minutes. Attach #8 Next meeting tentatively set for
Feb. 11.
B. MENTAL HEALTH – Scheduled to meet on Feb. 21
C. GRANTS – Met on Dec. 3. Approved Minutes Attach. #9 for Oct. 18. Next meeting Feb. 11
D. CNA– Next meeting TBD.
E. FACILITIES– Met on Dec. 17. Approved September 26 and December 12 Minutes, attach.#10a #10b.
Set to meet Jan. 23. after the board meeting.
F. NOMINATION – Next meeting TBD
G. GOVERNANCE – Met Jan. 14 at 1:30. Next meeting TBD
H. FINANCE AND INVESTMENT – Met on Jan. 14. Approved Minutes for Oct. 24, 2018 meeting.
(attach.#11) Next meeting TBD. .
I. JAMES IRVINE FOUND. REGRANTING – Grantees met on Nov.30 in person and on Jan. 4 by
phone. Next meeting is Feb. 22 (attach. # 12)

Results Based Training will take place on February 25 and April 5 – confirmed: Jan, Aurora

VIII. ADJOURNMENT: Next meeting is February 27, 2019 at 9:00 AM at 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert.
Agenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website – www.rapfoundation.org – a minimum
of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the
Agenda are available for inspection at the meeting listed in this Agenda, and at the following location three (3)
days prior to the meeting date: Regional Access Project Foundation, 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert, CA
92260. If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed
less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection, at the
same time it is distributed, at the address listed above. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in
appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with
Disabilities Act of 1990.


January 23
9:00 am - 12:00 pm