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Board Meeting

September 23 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

September 23, 2020 9:00 AM
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This meeting is being conducted utilizing teleconferencing and electronic means only.  There will not be a physical location.
Members of the public may be able to participate by telephone, using the following dial-in information: Phone number: 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 812 5813 9217 Reasonable accommodation:  Individuals with a disability requiring reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in this meeting may request assistance by emailing MReyes@RAPFoundation.org.  Notification of 48 hours prior to the meeting start time will enable us to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting.

II. Approval of the AGENDA –In order to meet Brown Act requirements, items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

Motion:             Second:         Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

III. PUBLIC COMMENT / PRESENTATIONS – Any individual wishing to comment on the agenda or an item not on the agenda may do so my emailing Mreyes@RAPFoundation.org or calling in at the number above. All emailed comments must be received prior to the 9:00 AM start time.
Persons wishing to speak are requested to be recognized at the appropriate time. General comments regarding non-agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your Public Comment remarks to three (3) minutes.

Supervisor V. Manuel Perez or Pat Cooper, Deputy Chief of Staff – Update on COVID 19


      B. GRANT/ PROGRAM OFFICER REPORT (ATTACH  2) Receive and File.
      C. CNA DIRECTOR REPORT (ATTACH 3) – Receive and File.
      D. CEO’s REPORT (attach. 4) – Receive and File.

Staff Recommendation:  Approve June 24, 2020 Minutes.  Receive & file Grant, CNA, & CEO Reports.

Motion:             Second:         Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

E. FINANCIALS – The Finance-Investment Committee met on October 14
Receive and File Draft Financials and Treasurer’s Summary up to July 31, 2020. ( ATTACH 5A, 5B).
Receive and file the Investment Accounts Reports- Wells Fargo and Inland Empire Community Foundation. (ATTACH 6A,  6Aa, 6B1OF2, 6B2OF2, 6B)

Finance – Investment Recommendation: To receive and file the Financials and Investment Reports.

Motion:             Second:         Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

The RAP Board authorized the Executive Committee to act on their behalf and for their actions to be ratified at the next meeting.  Ratification Action is required on the items A -K:

 A. CARES Funding Administered by the Inland Empire Com. Found.– Technical Assistance – Available Funding for Allocation is approximately $211,000 of grant amount $250,000

Organization Name Amount Requested                          Amount Approved
Building Resilient Communities $10,000.00                                                       $10,000
Caravanserai Project $32,868.00                                                       $32,868
Center For Nonprofit Management $20,000.00                                                       $20,000
Center For Social Innovation-UCR (Tier 2) $16,000.00                                                       $16,000
Create Center For The Arts $10,000.00                                                       $10,000
HARC  (Tier 2) $9008.00                                                          $ 8,008
Inland Empire Community Collaborative (Tier 2) $46,310.00                                                      $20,000
Parkview Legacy Foundation $15,000.00                                                      $15,000
United Way of the Inland Valleys $100,000.00                                                    $80,000
Total of Allocated Grants $259,186.00                                                   $211,876
 Independent Evaluation Services

CNA Administration of Grant



 Ratify Executive Committee Action:  Approved the amounts listed above for a total of $211,876.
Three organizations were designated Tier 2 due to completed application being received late.

 Motion:             Second:                 Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

B. The James Irvine Found. Re-granting Funds Request For Proposal.  Riverside County Latino Commission’s (RCLC) Community Mental Health Direct Enrichment Program-Amount Requested $50,000.
“The mission of RCLC is to provide programs and services for those in our community who are facing problems with mental health issues and/or problems with substance use. RCLC sees itself as an extension of its community and have been dedicated to developing access, prevention, and treatment for individuals and families suffering from mental health issues and/or substance abuse”.

     Reviewers Rating:    71%            Interviewed: Justina Larson, Mental Health Coordinator

Ratify Executive Committee Action: Approved $50,000.

 Motion:             Second:                 Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

C. CSUSB Foundation’s Street Medicine – Funding Request: $5,000
The Dept. of Nursing faculty and students, the Desert Regional Medical Center medical residents, Well in the Desert, and the CV Volunteers in Medicine (CV VIM). This program requires nursing faculty members to supervise nursing students. Their current funding which ends Aug. 31 is for supervision of 2 nursing students, their equipment and supplies. The Palm Springs unsheltered population will be served by the street medicine clinic at the Our Lady of Guadalupe free lunch program sponsored by the Well in the Desert on Fridays. The Indio population will be served through the CV VIM Street Medicine outreach serving homeless people in their encampments.

Reviewer Rating: 81%
Ratify Executive Committee Action:  Approved funding request of $5,000.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:       Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

D. Academic Solutions’ Gifted and At-Risk Project Funding Request:$5,000
This project works with the special population of gifted students who fall through the cracks because of their atypical gifted traits. To achieve their highest potential, the project includes: (A) Meeting with school administration confirming program approach and objectives (B) Assess nominees (C) Initiate the Autonomous Learner Model which includes 5 dimensions to complete by the end of the academic year.  The higher risk sub-special populations are those who are gifted but under-identified and under-served: 1. unidentified and in trouble 2. potentially dangerous to society and themselves 3. economically disadvantaged 4. English Language Learners 5. twice-exceptional 6. females 7. LGTBQ+ and 8. underachieving.

Reviewer Rating: 76.1%
Ratify Executive Committee Action To deny the request for funding.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:       Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

E. Special Grant Request – Lift To Rise’s United Lift Rental Assistance-$100,000
Family Stabilization Initiative will strengthen low to extremely low- income households financially devastated by COVID-19 economic disruptions such as related business closures, decreased wages or hours worked, temporary or permanent layoffs, child care issues, and medical expenses related to COVID-19.

Reviewers Score: 80%
Ratify Executive Committee ActionApproved funding of $100,000.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:       Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

F. Rental Waiver Request
World Affairs of the Desert- Total Waiver Request is $700
50% reduction of monthly rent of $350 = $175 for August, September, and October totaling $525
25% reduction of monthly rent of $350 = $ 87.50 for Nov. And Dec.  totaling $175

Ratify Executive Committee Action: Approved funding one Quarter- August, September and October which is permitted by the Board’s Resolution. The amount is $525.
Deny the Nov.- Dec. request and will require that applicant approach their membership for help to cover the Nov. and Dec. Rents.  The Committee requested confirmation/verification that the effort was made and the response to request.

Motion:          Second:         Approved:       Opposed:        Abstention Name(s):

H. Authorize Staff to submit a Proposal to The James Irvine Foundation (TJIF) to Re-grant funds to Immigrants and to provide Capacity Building services. - Action Required
In 2018, TJIF allocated $200,000 to support their efforts to reach our Immigrant Population and education them in their Rights.  In December 2019, RAP was invited to apply for $400,000 to continue the Immigrant Rights education/resources, and also to provide behavioral health to our immigrant population and the agencies serving our immigrants. RAP was invited to submit a proposal for a 3rd and final funding period as TJIF is shifting their focus.  The proposal was due in July.   The request is for $400,000.

Ratify Executive Committee Recommendation:  Authorized CEO to submit the proposal.

Motion:             Second:                 Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

I. Authorize Staff to submit a Proposal to the Desert HealthCare District to support Center for Nonprofit Advancement (CN A) services.  Action Required
CNA’s request is for approximately $115,000. We are proposing a partnership with DHCD to address their Goals and to scale and amplify the services CNA provides for nonprofits. This grant will allow CNA to leverage funds to provide greater impact to the community. Contracted professional consultants will conduct training. Funds will cover software and equipment needed.

Ratify Executive Committee Recommendation:  Authorized CNA Director to submit the proposal.

However, the CNA Director would like to revise the amount requested to be $200,000.

Motion:          Second:                 Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

J. Resolution 2020-06 – To Authorize Persons as Signatories for Checking Account(s) at First Republic. (attach. # 7 )- Action Required
The approved opening a bank account at First Republic which will serve as our “Operating” account at the June 24 board meeting.  The authorized persons will include:  Leticia De Lara, Mireya Reyes, Craig Borba, Matt Gonda and Joe Hayes.

Ratify Executive Committee Action:   Approved a Resolution and name the following persons as authorized to sign checks:  Leticia De Lara, Mireya Reyes, Craig Borba, Matt Gonda, and Joe Hayes.

Motion:             Second:         Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

K. CARES Act Funding  Special Project Request – Required
Riverside County Public Health approached RAP to administer funds for Skilled Nursing Homes throughout Riverside County. The funds are intended to address COVID- 19 impacts and are required to be expended by the end of December 2020.  Eva Guenther-James has been reassigned to manage this project.

Ratify Executive Committee Action:  To authorize CEO to work with M. Gonda, A. Hernandez and M. Moran to address remaining issues.  Issues were resolved, and agreement was approved.

.Motion:             Second:         Approved:               Opposed:          Abstention Name(s):

L. Small Grant Requests – Review Budgets  (attach. #8)   Action Required
  1. Alzheimer’s Coachella Valley’s Breathing Space Program – Request $5,000
 Program will provides charitable support and services to CV residents with cognitive impairment, their families and care   givers.  “Breathing Space is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance for temporary respite care for family caregivers. Studies show that 70% of family caregivers die before their loved one due to stress-related illness… Caregivers may apply for scholarship for up to $500 per month for 3 months with re-evaluation each 90 days. Scholarship are paid directly to qualified professional in-home caregivers or to licensed care facilities.  This program serves family caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s/dementia. We anticipate serving 10 families (20+ valley residents) for up to 100 hours of respite care each…”

Reviewers Average Score: 80%    Interviewed: Dominick Calvano, Board President

Grants Committee Recommendation:  To recommend approval of $5,000.

  Motion:        Second:       Approve:        Oppose:         Abstention Names:

 (2)  Borrego Health’s Heart to Heart ProgramRequest $5,000
Due to the pandemics impact, many of our most vulnerable patients in the Eastern CV are not getting their Blood Pressure (BP) checked on a regular basis.  Many are staying away from the clinics for fear of exposure; many have transportation issues, work conflicts or are afraid of being in the sweltering summer heat. Individual BP monitors can connect patients to their medical home and their PCP.  Patients will be able to detect “patterns” and adjust their medications.

Average Score: 86%      Interviewed: Cynthia Preciado, Chief Development Officer & Lenny      Pepper, Vice President, Special Programs & Projects

Grants Committee Recommendation:  To recommend approval of $5,000.

 Motion:        Second:       Approve:        Oppose:         Abstention Names:

M. Performance Grant
Sanctuary Palm Springs Transitional Home For LGBTQ & Foster Youth – 2nd Year Funing
Request: $18,750
(Maximum amount requires a 25% decrease of previous funded amount, $25,000)

Sanctuary Palm Springs supports the residential, emotional, vocational, and educational needs of LGBTQ youth ages 18-21 as they transition from foster care to adulthood. “Sanctuary entered Into a contractual relationship with Dr. Jill Hingston to provide weekly individual therapy to our residents in May of 2019. This relationship has proved to be extremely beneficial to our residents so we intend to continue to contract with her for the foreseeable future”.

Overall Score: 85.4%          Interviewed: Rob Woronoff, Executive Director

Grants Committee Recommendation:  To recommend approval of $18,750.

Motion:        Second:       Approve:        Oppose:         Abstention Names:

NSponsorship Request
 AFP Desert Communities Chapter’s National Philanthropy Day – Request:   $2,500
RAP was an honoree last year and sponsored amount was $2,500.  Prior years, sponsorship approved at Table Sponsor level $1,200

Grants Committee Recommendation:  To recommend approval of $1,200 to sponsor event.

Motion:        Second:       Approve:        Oppose:         Abstention Names:

O. Resolution No. 2020.07 – Create a Policy to Limit Leasing Office Space to Nonprofits and Public Agencies (attach. 9)
Facilities Committee Recommendation:  Staff will provide information from the September 22          Facilities Committee meeting.

Motion:        Second:       Approve:        Oppose:         Abstention Names:

      A. Board Attendance for 2020 (ATTACH. 10).
     B. EXECUTIVE–Met July 1, July 20 and July 28. Minutes (attached 11A, 11B, 11C). Next meeting is Oct. 12.
     C. HEALTH-MENTAL HEALTH – Met Sept. 17. Minutes Attached (attach. 12)
     D. GRANTS –Met Sept. 14.   Minutes for July (attach. 13).  Will meet next Oct. 12.
     E. CNA– Met June 24. Minutes for May 27(attach. 14A, 14B).  Next meeting Sept. 23.
     F. FACILITIES- Met Sept. 22.  Minutes for June 24 (attach. 15).
     G. GOVERNANCE – Next meeting TBD.
     H. AUDIT – Next meeting in early October.
     I. FINANCE & INVESTMENT – Met September 14. July Minutes (attach. 16). Next mtg. October 12.


 Joyce Corporon has decided to move to Arizona and we will have to replace her.

VIII. ADJOURNMENT:   Next meeting is October 28, 2020 at 9:00 AM. Until further notice, all meetings  will take place by web and/or teleconference.

Agenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website – www.rapfoundation.org – a

minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the Agenda are available for inspection upon request, Three (3) days prior to the meeting date.  If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection, at the same time it is distributed, at the address listed above. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.



September 23
9:00 am - 10:00 am