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9:00 AM February 28, 2018
41550 Eclectic Street Palm Desert, CA 92260

In order to meet Brown Act requirements, items may be added to the agenda only upon decision by a majority of the Board of Directors to add the item because of a need for immediate action.

Public Comments: Persons wishing to speak are requested to fill out a comment card so they may be recognized at the appropriate time. General comments regarding non- agenda items will be called for at this time. Specific comments regarding agenda items will be called for during discussion of each item. Please be prepared to limit your remarks to three (3) minutes.

IV. CONSENT CALENDAR – Action Required
Staff Recommendation: Approve the Jan. 24, 2018 Minutes. Receive and file the Grant, CNA, CEO Reports and Financials as submitted.

Motion: Second: Approved: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

A. MEETINGS MINUTES of January 24, 2018 Board meeting (attach. #1)
B. GRANT/ PROGRAM OFFICER REPORT (attach. #2) – Receive and File.
C. CENTER FOR NONPROFIT (CNA) Report (attach. #3) - Receive and File.
D. CEO’s REPORT (attach. #4) – Receive and File.
E. FINANCIAL REPORTS-Receive and Cash Report January 31, 2018 (attach. #5)

V. NEWBUSINESS ITEMS – Action Required

A. Nomination of Officers- Action Required
The decision for the two year terms for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer was continued from the January 24 board meeting. The board directed the Nominations Committee to provide a recommendation.

Nominations Committee Recommendation: The Committee consisting of Chair R. Loretta, T. St. Johns, Joe Hayes and C. Galvez met on Feb. 12 and is recommending the following slate: Chair: M. Moran, Vice-Chair: C. Borba, Secretary: M. Gialdini and Treasurer: J. Pye.

The board chair will entertain additional nominations from the floor for consideration before a vote is taken.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

B. Resolutions Action Required
Resolution No. 2018-01 Renewal of Existing Policies & Procedures (attach. #6a)–
The board approved Resolution 2018-01 on Jan. 24. However, the resolution was incomplete. It has been revised to reflect corrections.

Staff Recommendation: To approve the revised Policies and Procedures on listed resolutions.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

Resolutions No. 2018.02 Establishing a Whistle – Blower Policy (attach.6b)
Resolution No. 2018.03 Public Record Access Guidelines (attach. 6c)
Resolution No. 2018.04 Amending Authorized signatures required on Bank Accounts (attach.6d)

Staff recommendation: To Approve

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

C. The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) Homelessness Committee – Possible Action Required

At the Jan. 24th board meeting, M. Moran reported that he has been attending the CVAG Homelessness Committee meetings. M. Moran is considering applying to serve as “ex officio” member of this committee independent of RAP. At the request of J. Pye and concurrence of the board, this item has been added to the agenda for discussion.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

D. Adopt the 2018 Annual Meeting Room Usage Rates – Action Required
Attached is the 2018 Annual Meeting Room Schedule (attach. #7). There are no changes to the rates from when they were initially approved by board at the April 2017 meeting. The only change is that there will not be a limit for usage by tenants.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

E. Approve the Immigration Services for Adults, Children and Families- The James Irvine Foundation (TJIF) Request For Proposal (RFP) TJIF 2018-1 (attach. #8a, 8b)– Action Required

RAP staff has been meeting with a collaborative of service providers addressing immigration issues, NOSOTROS, for several months. Eva and John have made a great deal of effort to provide information about the funding opportunity and to identify potential responders to the RFP. The RFP focuses on the three funding priorities selected by The James Irvine Foundation. The RFP will be released on Feb. 28, using our current funding process the expectation is to have recommendations to the RAP board on April 28.

Staff Recommendation: To approve TJIF 2018-1 RFP for regranting of funds to address immigration services.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

Review of Annual Allocations and current grants budget – Stuart McClain

1. Math Rotary Math Field Day (attach. #9) - $500 Requested
The Rotary Math Day is organized by the Indio Rotary for all the CV middle school children on April 28 at John Glenn Middle School in Indo.

The Grants Committee consisting of C. Borba, R. Ortega, A. Dew and M. Gialdini met on Feb. 20. They interviewed Don Casper, Indio Rotary President 2017/18. Last year’s event was attended by approximately 350 students. They anticipate 350-400 students this year.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $500 to support this event.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

2. Senior Inspiration Awards (SIA) Luncheon (attach. #10) - $5,000 Requested
The event will take place on April 20 at the JW Marriot in Palm Desert. This annual event recognizes 11 seniors who volunteer and are an inspiration to others. RAP is being asked to continue to serve as fiscal agent, the In-Kind value is $2500. In addition, there is a $5,000 contribution requested.

The Grants Committee met with Victoria Llort, with Supervisor Perez’s office. The committee learned that the SIA Committee currently has in excess of $50,000 and anticipates having approximately $30,000 in reserves after this year’s event. The Committee would like to have one year’s reserves to safeguard against having shortfalls in fundraising in future years.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $2,500 cash contribution to go towards the donation to nonprofits chosen by the recipients and to continue with the $2,500 In-Kind. The $2,500 would be allocated from the Volunteer Appreciation budget line item (remaining balance is $2,350), not impacting the Sponsorship funding.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

3. Galilee Center (attach. #11) - $2,000 Requested
The Angels Dinner fundraising event is scheduled for March 3rd. Proceeds will benefit the food distribution programs at Galilee. Last year RAP funded the event by contributing $1250.

The Committee interviewed Gloria Gomez with Galilee. She informed the committee of the Grand Opening for the Overnight Shelter which opened earlier this year. This new service in increasing their need for more food, along with the other programs they provide to low income families. The event will take place on March 28 at 3 PM. They have been successful in attracting some people who are used to sleeping outdoors but there are some who are still doing so.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $1250 for the Angels Dinner event benefitting the food programs provided at Galilee.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):

4. One Future Coachella Valley (attach. # 12) - $5,000 Requested
“The Future is Ours Celebration” is a FAFSA Fundraiser taking place on March 22.

The committee interviewed Judi Olivas, Director of Development who reported that One Future is doing well in their first year of being independent of CVEP. They have added a new board member, obtained their 501c3 and working to identify new funding.

Grants Committee Recommendation: To approve $1100 to go towards the recognition of the schools participating in the FAFSA completion.

Motion: Second: Approved: Opposed: Abstention Name(s):


A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Met on Feb. 13. Next meeting TBD.
The Executive Committee addressed the Annenberg Alchemy training being attended by the Chair, Vice-Chair and CEO. The following are topics was one of three topics covered. Followed by the Executive Committee's Actions, numbers 1,2,4 impacting current or future board meetings

The Annenberg Alchemy training Jan. 31, 2018 in Los Angeles
a. Strong Board Governance – Self assessment of top 10 Roles & Responsibilities to help identify potential areas of growth. Review Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.
b. Fundraising Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards – Primary fundraising responsibilities of boards and staff and roles board members can play in fund development process.
c. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Definitions and Framing – Introduction to the spectrum of concepts and definitions with respect to DEI.
d. Policy and Practice – Practices that organizations have used to successfully recruit and retain leadership and talent that reflects constituents, communities and workforce.

Executive Committee's Actions: 1) For CEO to draft a Resolution in support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for Executive Committee to review. 2) For the full board to complete a board self-assessment and add it as an agenda item at each meeting for an opportunity for board development. 3) Craig volunteered to work with Eva to create a new reporting chart to illustrate funding decisions beyond focus areas of: Heatlh, Mental Health, Juvenile Intervention and region. 4) M. Moran asked that the organizational chart be shared with full board at a future meeting (Attach. # 13).

C. MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE - Met on February 22.
D. GRANTS COMMITTEE- Met on Feb. 20.
G. AUDIT COMMITTEE – will meet late spring 2018 – TBD to review auditors
H. FACILITIES COMMITTEE- Met on Feb. 6. To meet on Feb. 28 after the RAP board meeting.


Mark Moran to share Craig Borba’s suggestion that board members consider designating your 2018 board contribution towards building improvements.

Ann Dew would like to introduce an idea to make use of people’s change.

Future training: Board Ethics on March 15 from 10 AM- Noon

Please RSVP for the "Spirit of Education" Palm Desert Rotary Luncheon on March 27.

Reminder to complete the Annual Conflict of Interest Forms and return asap.

Please complete the Form 700

Return CEO Evaluation to Mark or Craig asap.

VII. ADJOURNMENT: The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held at 9:00 A.M. March 28, 2018 at 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert.
Agenda Posting: Agendas will be posted on the Foundation website – - a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting date. All public record documents for matters on the open session of the Agenda are available for inspection at the meeting listed in this Agenda, and at the following location three (3) days prior to the meeting date: Regional Access Project Foundation, 41550 Eclectic St. Palm Desert, CA 92260. If a public record document that relates to a matter on the open session of the Agenda is distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting date, the public record document shall be available for inspection, at the same time it is distributed, at the address listed above. Upon request, this

agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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